Flying Financial participates in real estate development and sales through real estate private equity fund so as to obtain complete earnings in the whole real estate value chain. It carried out strict risk control access standards and selected superior projects to gain benefits by five dimensions: developers, investment districts, cash flow, net profit ratio. Recently, Flying Financial had approved more than 20 real estate private equity funds which were distributed in over 10 key core cities.

Investment show Cases Have Been Completed
  • Qingxi project
    Qingxi project is a successful case of company’s property investment. The group indirectly invested in projects through a limited partnership in March 2015 and successfully withdrew in March 2017. The overall rate of return on this property investment reaches 400% and yearly rate of yield is about 200%. Prominent achievements prove the professional skills of group’s property investment team and rich experience in real estate development projects. Qingxi project, the project of land remising, covers an area of 73,852.60 m2 with a total building area of 146,935.00 m2 and the plot ratio of 1.8. The nature of the project is commercial and residential housing, and the expected sales volume of the project is RMB1.22 billion.